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(Professor of Economics)

Professor. Akpan Hogan Ekpo obtained the BA (Cum Laude Hons) in Economics from Howard University, Washington, D. C. USA. He received the MA. (Econs) and Ph.D. (Econs) from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

His areas of specialization include Economic Theory (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics), Economic Development and Public Finance. He has attended refresher courses at the World Bank Development Institute, Northwestern University and Harvard University. He has lectured in Universities in the U.S.A., Zimbabwe, and Nigeria.

Professor Ekpo has published extensively in his areas of specialization in national and international journals and has consulted for several national and international organizations. He was the first occupier Chief Anthony Ani Chair, Professor of Public Finance. He has over 160 publications comprising refereed journal articles, books, chapters in books, conference proceedings and other research outlets; he has attended over 90 national and international conferences and has presented papers in most of them.

Professor Ekpo has advised all levels of government (Municipal, State and Federal) in Nigeria. Between 1996 and 1999. he was Chairman. Ministerial Advisory Committee, Federal Ministry of Finance, Abuja. He was Technical Adviser to the Vision 2010 Committee. He was Editor of the Prestigious Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies from 1997 - 2003. He serves in various government boards and boards ofcompanies.

Currently, he is Professor of Economics and has been the Vice Chancellor, University of Uyo, Uyo. Akwa com State - Nigeria.

9th Inaugural Lecture

The Inaugural Lecture featured
  • Political Economy of Structural Adjustment
  • Framework of Analysis
  • Performance of the Nigerian Economy
  • The Real Sector
  • Monetary and Financial
  • The External Sector
  • Trends in Other Key Economic Indicators
  • Contributions From Selected Works
  • The Adjustment of Economics?
  • Can There Be An African Economic Theory?
  • The National Economic Emgowerment and Development Strategy(NEEDS)