Conferences | Proceedings: Published and Accepted for Publication

1. American Economic Association,1980 Washington, D.C., USA.

2. Southern International Studies Association, North Carolina, Greensboro, USA, March 1982 (paper presented).

3. Nigerian Economic Society, Benin, May 22-26, 1984 (paper presented).

4. National Conference on National Planning and Development of Backward States in Nigeria, Uyo, September 19-21, 1984 (paper presented).

5. Nigerian Economic Society, Lagos, May 18-22, 1985 (paper presented).

6. National Seminar on Management Strategies for Revitalizing and Stabilizing the Nigerian Economy, Calabar, April 5-7, 1986 (paper presented).

7. All Nigerian Conference on Foreign Policy, Kuru, Nigeria, April 5-7, 1986 (paper presented).

8. Nigerian Economic Society, Kaduna, May 13-17, 1986 (paper presented).

9. American Economic Association, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA., December 28-30, 1986 (paper presented).

10. West African Economic Association, Lome, Togo, April, 1987 (paper presented).

11. Nigerian Economic Society, Calabar, May 12-16, 1987 (paper presented).

12. Nigerian Statistical Association, Owerri, Nigeria, October 27-30, 1987 (paper presented).

13. State-wide Seminar on Culture, Cultural Centre Board, 1987 (paper presented).

14. State-wide Seminar on Rural Development, Calabar, Nigeria, 1987 (paper presented).

15. International Workshop on Human Rights, Calabar, 1987 (paper presented).

16. National Workshop on Economic Recovery and Self-reliance, Abuja, Nigeria, March 1988 (paper presented).

17. Nigerian Economic Society, Ife, Nigeria, May 1988 (paper presented).

18. Nigerian Political Science Association, Ibadan, June 26th-July 1,1988 (paper presented).

19. National Seminar on "Oil in the Nigerian Economy: Current Issues and Future Perspectives", Lagos, November 26-27, 1988.

20. National Workshop on Employment Generation in Nigeria, Lagos, December 7-8, 1988 (paper presented).

21. Nigerian Economic Society, Lagos, May 1989 (paper presented).

22. West African Health Federation, Accra, Ghana, May 14-17, 1989 (paper presented).

23. Nigerian Political Science Association, Calabar, June, 1989 (paper presented).

24. West African Economic Association, Lome, Togo, November 6-8, 1989 (paper presented).

25. African Economic Research Consortium Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, May 27-31, 1990 (paper presented).

26. World Bank Conference on African Economic Issues, Nairobi, Kenya, June 4-7, 1990.

27. East and Southern African Economic Association Conference, Nairobi, Kenya, June 2-3, 1990.

28. Nigerian Society of International Affairs, Lagos, November, 1990 (Paper presented).

29. African Economic Research consortium Workshop, Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire, December 9-14, 1990 (Paper presented).

30. African Economic Research Consortium Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, May 25-32nd, 1991 (Paper presented).

31. Codesria Workshop on Methodological Issues on Structural Adjustment and Agrarian Crisis, Ibadan, Nigeria, June 10-14th, 1991 (Paper presented).

32. Workshop on Econometrics, AERC, Nairobi, September 1991.

33. African Economic Research Consortium Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, December 9-14th, 1991 (Paper presented).

34. Workshop on Advanced Time Series in Econometrics, April 5-13th, 1992, Nairobi-Kenya.

35. Seminar on Economic Policy Research for Policy Design and Management in Nigeria, April 24-25th, 1992, Ibadan, Nigeria.

36. Workshop on Agricultural Planning in Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Rural Development, Garki, Abuja, 4th- 8th August, 1992 (paper Presented).

37. Nigerian Economic Society Annual Conference, Kano, June, 1992.

38. National Seminar on Policy Analysis Forum, National Planning Commission, 16-18 December, 1992.

39. East and Southern African Economic Association Conference, Tanzania, December, 1992 (paper presented)

40. Nigerian Economic Society, Managing a Free Enterprise Economy, February, Lagos, 1993.

41. National Manpower Board, in-house workshop, April, 1993. (Discussant).

42. National Seminar, Foundation for Environmental Development, April, 1993 (Discussant)

43. African Economic Research Consortium Workshop, Cape Town, South Africa, May, 1993.(paper Presented)

44. Nigerian Economic Society Annual Conference, Enugu, 1993, (paper presented).

45. Seminar on Fiscal Planning and Management, NCEMA, Ibadan, June 6th- 11th, 1993.

46. Workshop on publications of journal articles, Nairobi, Kenya, July, 1993.

47. Workshop on the teaching of core courses in economics, Kampala, Uganda, August, 1993.

48. Orientation Training workshop for ASCON resource persons in distance education, October, 1993, ASCON, Badagry, (Course Director and paper presented).

49. Nigerian Economic Society Conference, May 23-26th, 1994, Benin, Nigeria.

50. African Economic Research Consortium workshop, May 27-June 3, 1994. Nairobi, Kenya. (paper presented).

51. National Conference on Youth Development, Yakubu Gowon Centre, Abuja, September, 1994. (paper presented).

52. Conference on African Economic Issues, Arusha, Tanzania, October, 1994. (Discussant).

53. Workshop on Graduate Training in Economics for Women And Women working as Professional Economist, Dec. 1st, Nairobi, Kenya, 1994.

54. African Economic Research Consortium Workshop, December, 1994. Nairobi, Kenya. (Final report presented).

55. West African Economic Association Research Workshop, December 10- 14th, 1994, Abidjan, Cote' Ivories, 1994. (Discussant).

56. Training of Trainers Workshop, Economic Development Institute, The World Bank, Jan. 22-February 10th, 1995.

57. International Conference on Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations, Johannesburg, South Africa, May 3-5, 1995. (Paper Presented).

58. African Economic Research Consortium workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, 27 May-2 June, 1995. (paper presented).

59. Nigerian Economic Society conference, 4-9th June, 1995. (paper presented).

60. Survey Methodology workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, October, 1995.

61. African Economic Research Consortium Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa, December, 1995.(Paper Presented)

62. Nigerian Economic Society Seminar, January, 1996, Lagos (paper presented).

63. Budget 1996 Seminar, February, 1996, Lagos (paper presented).

64. National Policy Workshop, March 20-22, 1996, Lagos(Paper presented).

65. African Economic Research Consortium Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya, May 25-June 1, 1996 (Paper presented).

66. Nigerian Economic Society Conference, August, 1996.(Paper Presented).

67. Nigerian Economic Society, Seminar, January, 1997 (Discussant).

68. World Bank and IMF Conference, Hong Kong, September, 1997.

69. International Conference on Governance and Economic Development, Howard University, Washington, D.C., USA., October, 1998, (Paper Presented)

70. Nigerian Economic Society, Seminar, Lagos, February, 1999.

71. National Productivity Day Seminar, Uyo, April, 1999 (Paper presented).

72. Democracy And Good Governance, USAID, Lagos, May, 1999.(Resource Person.

73. Nigerian Economic Society Annual Conference, July, 1999. Abuja (Paper presented).

74. Senior Policy Seminar, Botswana, South Africa, February, 2000 (Paper presented)

75. Nigerian Economic Society, July, 2000, Abuja (Paper presented).

76. Nigerian Economic Summit, October, 2000, Abuja (Facilitator)

77. International Conference on Debt, July, 2001, Abuja.

78. Central Bank of Nigeria: Growing The Nigerian Economy, October, 2001, Abuja.

79. American Economic Association Conference, January, 2002, Atlanta, USA.

80. International Conference on Poverty Reduction Programmes, February, 2002. Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania (Paper presented).

81. International Conference on NEPAD African Scholars Forum, Nairobi, Kenya: April, 2002 (Paper presented)

82. Forum on “Competitiveness and Private Sector Growth, African Institute For Applied Economists, July 1-2, Abuja. Chaired session.

83. American Economic Association Conference, January, 2002, Washington, D.C. USA.

84. Nigerian Economics Society Conference, Ibadan, August, 2003.

85. Central Bank 3rd Annual Conference, December, 2003 (Paper Presented).

86. American Economic Association Conference/African Finance and Economic Association, San Diego, California, January, 2004 (Paper Presented).

87. United Nations ECA Expert Group meeting on Trade Liberalization Refund 1-2 October, 2003, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Paper Presented).

88. Senior Policy Makers in Africa Seminar, AERC, February 2004, Kampala, Uganda Paper presented.

89. African Economic Research Consortium Biennial Research Workshop, Nairobi; Kenya May 29 – June 3, 2004. Resource Person.

90. Financial and Fiscal Commission of South Africa:10 years Anniversary Conference 10 – 12 August 2004, Cape Town, South Africa. Paper Presented.

91. Nigerian Economic Society Annual Conference, August 24 – 27, 2004, Abuja. Paper presented.

92. Roundtable on African Universities and NEPAD, September 24 – 27, 2004, Abuja. Paper presented.

93. American Economic Association Conference/African Finance and Economic Association, Philadelphia, USA, January, 20005 (paper presented).

94. International Conference on Fiscal Federalism, Forum of Federations, New Delhi, India, August, 2007.

95. Workshop on Oil Mineral Rich Countries, Department of Economics, Oxford University, England, November, 2007 (Paper presented).

96. Global Economic Crisis And the Nigerian Economy, Senate of the Federal Government of Nigeria, Kano, July, 2008 (Paper presented).

97. International Conference on Mineral Resource Economies, Oxford University, England, December, 2008 (Paper presented).

98. International Conference on Development Issues, Global Development Network, Kuwait, February, 2009.

99. Global Financial and Economic Crisis: Roundtable organized by the Nigerian Economic Society, Lagos. March, 2009.

100. International Colloquium on Asset Stripping, April 26-28, 2009. Cape Town, South Africa (Discussant).

101. Workshop on Institutional Strengthening of African Public Policy Institutions, May 7-8, 2009, Cape Town South Africa (Discussant).

102. Seminar on Market Integration in Africa, Abuja, July, 2009 (Paper presented).

103. Nigerian Economic Society 50th Annual Conference, Abuja, September, 2009 (presidential address).

104 Annual Meeting of the World Bank/IMF, Istanbul, Turkey, October, 2009

105. USA-Nigeria Investment Summit, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, November 19-21, 2009 (paper presented).

106. Re-thinking Economics: Global Economic Crisis, AERC, December 6-9, 2009, Nairobi, Kenya, (paper presented).

107. American Economic Association Conference, Atlanta, USA, January 2-5, 2010,(paper presented).

108. Nigerian Economic Society Annual Conference, September, 2010, Abuja (paper presented).

109. American Economic Association/African Finance and Economic Association Conference, Denver, Colorado, USA, January 6-9, 2011 (paper presented).

110. Scholars Seminar on The Global Crisis and Africa. Third World Network Africa, Accra, Ghana, 21-24 March, 2011 (paper presented).

111. Nigerian Economic Society Annual Conference, Convenant University, September, 2011 (paper presented).

112. Senior Policy Seminar on Natural Resource Management in Sub-Sahara Africa, Maputo, Mozambique, 28-31, March, 2011 (paper presented).

113. American Economic Association Conference, Chicago, USA, January 6-9, 2012 (paper presented).

114. Senior Policy Seminar, Kampala, Uganda, March, 2012 (paper presented).

115. International Institute of Public Finance Conference, Michigan, USA, 2012 (paper presented).

116. High level Seminar on Financial Stability, Bank of International Settlement, Cape Town, South Africa, January, 2014.

117. African Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Forum, March 2014, Abuja, Nigeria (Discussant)

118. African Economic Research Consortium Workshop, Accra, Ghana, May, 2014 (Panelist)

119. Regional Economic Integration in West Africa, Cape Verde, July, 2014 (Paper presented)

120. United Nations University (UN-WIDER) Celebration Conference on Development, Finland. 2015.

121 International Conference on Debt Management, UNCTAD, Switzerland, October, 2015 (Panelist).

122. Nigerian Economic Society Conference, Abuja, September, 2015. Keynote speaker.

123. American Economic Association Conference, San Francisco, USA, 2-6 January, 2016.

124. 5th International Conference on Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets, September 25-26, Leipzig, Germany (Chaired a session).

125. High-level Meeting on “Strengthening Financial sector supervision and current regulatory priorities”. Cape Town, South Africa, 3-5 February, 2016.

126. African Financial Market and Regional Integration, May 29-June 3, Nairobi, Kenya, 2016 (panelist).

127. Ekpo A. H. and Udo E. Public Debt, Growth and Poverty Reduction in a Failed State: Nigeria, 1970-2011. West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management(WAIFEM), Lagos, Nigeria. Paper presented at the American Economic Association and the National Economic Association Conference, January 4-6, 2013, San Deigo, California, USA. DOWNLOAD

128. West Africa: Economic Overview by Professor Akpan H. Ekpo. Presented at the Swift Business Forum West Africa 2016, Eko Hotel, Lagos, November 8, 2016. DOWNLOAD

9th Inaugural Lecture

The Inaugural Lecture featured
  • Political Economy of Structural Adjustment
  • Framework of Analysis
  • Performance of the Nigerian Economy
  • The Real Sector
  • Monetary and Financial
  • The External Sector
  • Trends in Other Key Economic Indicators
  • Contributions From Selected Works
  • The Adjustment of Economics?
  • Can There Be An African Economic Theory?
  • The National Economic Emgowerment and Development Strategy(NEEDS)