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This book contains the proceedings of a three day workshop organised by Foundation for Economic Research and Training(FERT). Uyo, Nigeria in Collaboration with Akwa Ibom State Local Government Service Commission in March 2001. The workshop was organised for all the thirty-one Local Government Areas of Akwa Ibom State.

The book covers nine chapters. Chapter one examines the implications of the sharing of federal revenue on the development of Akwa Ibom State. Chapter two examines the issue of Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion at the local level while chapter three explores Revenue Generation: Perspective for Local Government Councils in Akwa Ibom State. Chapter Four considers the issue of Economic self-reliance for Local Governments in Akwa Ibom State.

Chapter five looks at the implication for Revenue Mobilization and Allocation of Local Govemment Autonomy in the Nigerian Federal Structure. Chapter six is on Local Government Autonomy: the implications for resource mobilization and utilization for development. Chapter seven considers the problems and prospects of Tax Administration in Local Governments: All issues relating to Revenue Generation and Tax Administration in Akwa Ibom State are discussed. Chapter eight explores the implication for Corporate Revenue Mobilization of Local Government Administrative Structure in Nigeria.

Finally, chapter nine analyses Taxation and Local Government development in Akwa Ibom State. This book is, therefore imperative for students of public finance as well as revenue officers and tax administrators in local governments not only in Akwa Ibom State but also in Nigeria.

The Foundation for Economic Research and Training appreciates participants’ useful comments, which have improved the quality and content of the various chapters.

Akpan H. Ekpo | O. J. Umoh
FERT, Uyo,Nigeria.


Chapter 1- The Sharing of Federal Revenue and The Sustainable Development of Akwa Ibom State by Akpan Ekpo. Download

Chapter 2- Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion at The Local Level- Any End in Sight by M. A. Adawo. Download

Chapter 3- Revenue Generation- Perspective for Local Government Councils in Akwa Ibom State by Uwatt B. Uwatt. Download

Chapter 4- Towards Economic Self Reliance for Local Government in Akwa Ibom State by Paul Orebiyi. Download

Chapter 5- Local Government Autonomy in the Nigerian Federal Structure-Implication for Revenue Mobilization and Allocation by Okon J Umoh. Download

Chapter 6- Local Government Autonomy- Implications for Resource Mobilization and Utilization for Development by Enobong Umobong. Download

Chapter 7- Tax Administration in Governments Problems and Prospects by Ndiyo Ayara. Download

Chapter 8- Local Government Administration Structure- Implication for Corporate Revenue Mobilization by Ukana Ikpe. Download

Chapter 9- Taxation and Local Government Development In Akwa Ibom State by Eme Akpan and Ettah Essien. Download

9th Inaugural Lecture

The Inaugural Lecture featured
  • Political Economy of Structural Adjustment
  • Framework of Analysis
  • Performance of the Nigerian Economy
  • The Real Sector
  • Monetary and Financial
  • The External Sector
  • Trends in Other Key Economic Indicators
  • Contributions From Selected Works
  • The Adjustment of Economics?
  • Can There Be An African Economic Theory?
  • The National Economic Emgowerment and Development Strategy(NEEDS)